Mommy, that music is scaring me!

Angrinose produces music and movies under the following names: 

Frank Koustrup 
I decided to publish under my real name.


This is the pseudonym for older productions, that is up to 2022. 
- Albums: Old Baglama, Fugues and Beats, Music for Train Sets, Greatest Hots 
- Singles: Virus, Bounce, Bass Meditation, Border 
- Movies: Miles, Road Movie 401, Semi-Normal Pot Roast, RPM 

From 1989 to 1990, four friends gathered synthesizers and samplers around a tape recorder. They jammed until the tapes ran out.

Invisible PAIN Field Generator 
The Invisible PAIN Field Generator inflicted an exploration of noise on the world; that is, the London, Ontario part of the world.

Genre: File under Misfit.