Uncomfortable Music for Uncomfortable Times. Mommy, that music is scaring me!

Angrinose produces music and movies under the following names: 

Frank Koustrup 
I decided to publish under my real name, even if no one can remember it or spell it.

This is the pseudonym for older productions, that is up to 2022. 
- Albums: Old Baglama, Fugues and Beats, Music for Train Sets, Greatest Hots 
- Singles: Virus, Bounce, Bass Meditation, Border 
- Movies: Miles, Road Movie 401, Semi-Normal Pot Roast, RPM 

From 1989 to 1990, four friends - David Butler, Frank Koustrup, Kevin Curtis-Norcross, and Scott Norcross - gathered around a tape recorder. They jammed until the tapes ran out.

Invisible PAIN Field Generator 
Frank Koustrup, Kevin Curtis-Norcross, and Philip Grant, inspired by the sheer malice of the "Invisible PAIN Field Generator" device, inflicted a performance-art project on the world; that is, the London, Ontario part of the world. The project was an exploration of noise.

Genre: File under Misfit.

Note: Most of the audio players on this site are links to Spotify. However, don't feel obligated to use that streaming service if you use another by preference, because this music is available pretty much everywhere. Suggested search terms include: "angrinose", "frank koustrup", "invisible pain field generator", and "pain field". Because Cowtown is used by other bands or in songs, search for "angrinose cowtown".