Mommy, that music is scaring me!

Angrinose produces music under the following names:

  • Frank Koustrup is the perpetrator.
  • Angrinose is the pseudonym for Music and Movies from the mid-1980s to mid-2022.
    The sad, sorry demise of Angrinose,
    Caught frolicking rudely with some toes.
    His reputation ruined,
    His music still scorned,
    Angrinose stared into Deep Space,
    And Deep Space stared right back.
    Deep Space never blinks first;
    It never blinks at all.
  • Cowtown 
    Four friends gathered synthesizers, samplers, computers, musical instruments, effect pedals, toys, and percussion around a tape recorder and jammed until the tapes ran out.
  • Invisible PAIN Field Generator
    Three friends inflicted a noisy performance-art project on the world; that is, the London, Ontario part of the world. 
  • Brad Chad - A Name You Can Spell: Frank and Kevin are working on an album of music and video that contrasts nature sounds with effects and synthesizers. Coming soon.

Genre: Rusty Techno.