Music and Movies made by Frank Koustrup

Uncomfortable music for uncomfortable times is a catchy tag line, but is it true? Sometimes. How about, "Mommy, that music is scaring me!"?

This music is instrumental with clear beats, an occasional song, eclectic, hard-edged, but familiar. The movies meld and juxtapose sound with images.

I had been trying to adapt baroque musical forms – such as fugue and passacaglia – to odd-metered rhythms, industrial noises, and the sounds of instruments, oscillators, machinery, creatures, and voices. Cadences would resolve by the very end. Honest. But lately, the music has turned darker, quite a bit darker.

I dislike writing about music - it's the old "dancing about architecture" problem - and I drift from technical explanations to narratives about something or other that may or may not be relevant. I hope it is entertaining.

The most appropriate genre seems to be "Misfit".