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2020, stereo 

Disclaimer: No stringed instruments were harmed in the composition of this music. 

The Covid-19 pandemic made the city and its airport quiet, so it was an appropriate time to capture quiet sounds at home. 

I bounced the strings of acoustic stringed instruments against a bookshelf. Three sets of microphones simultaneously captured the sounds of the bouncing strings. I edited the source recordings into motifs - often as wave-shaped envelopes - by layering the recordings, and then processed these motifs through effects. 

The structure is in three movements introduced, separated, and concluded by four "ludes" - a prelude, two interludes, and a postlude - made up of waves of bounces. 

The movements fugally express themes in mono and stereo variations. Movements 1 and 2 follow similar layerings of textures; Movement 3 starts with raw guitar and repeats the phrase with varying textures.

Bass Meditation

2020, stereo

Time to take a deep breath and lie on the floor.


2020, stereo

The first response to a pandemic is fear. 
This virus infects you, takes control of your cells, propagates, spreads, and ultimately eats you alive. Your consciousness fades and fights through fever and your choked and faltering breaths. 
It isn't personal, you see, you are simply a host.

Greatest Hots