The main focus of Angrinose Productions is on music, a lot of music. Most of it is organized in albums or playlists.


The albums arrange music in a mix of styles - sometimes sharply juxtaposed - in ways that I find interesting.

Shit Show: Reactions to the pandemic

Fugues and Beats: Fugues are like voyages with a return home. Beats attempt to get a groove on.

Cowtown: In a small industrial city in an agricultural region, the humans were surrounded by dairy cattle. In tribute, the city erected a statue to one cow, a champion butterfat producer.

Invisible PAIN Field Generator: A name stolen from a mail-order advertisement for phasors, lasers, and surveillance equipment.

Music for Train Sets: What's up with all of the train recordings?

Greatest Hots: Songs, instrumentals, soundscapes, ambient compositions, cynicism, satire, and raw emotions from a love-sick chickenshit.

Old Baglama: Gathers alternative mixes, live versions, outtakes, or abandoned musical explorations.


If the mixes of styles in the albums don't appeal, try the following playlists that arrange compositions by style or theme: